Buildium Online Property Management Software Review

What is Buildium

Buildium Property Management software is an online tool geared to Individual & Professional Property Managers, Condominium Boards, Home Owners Associations, Individual Landlords and Commercial Real-estate Owners. With the Buildium tools you can manage 1 unit or 1000's of units from the same web based interface so you can work from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Your data is safely stored on the secure Buildium servers. Buildium allows you to maintain your accounting, track tenants, handle work orders, accept online payments and so much more. Buildium comes with free online support.
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Who Uses Buildium Management Software?

As stated in the previous paragraph, Buildium Property Management Software is used by three main groups. The first group using the Buildium Property Management Edition are professionals who maintain and operate anywhere from a few to many rental properties. This group can include property management companies, industrial real-estate companies, sub contractors and apartment managers. The second group using the Buildium Association Edition are usually Condominium Associations, Home Owner Associations or Professional Property Management firms hired to maintain a group of self managed communities. And the third group that uses Buildium Property Management Software are Owner-Operator Landlords who act as their own property managers.

What are Buildium's Main Selling Features?

Buildium is packed with must have features. We have listed just a few in the list below.
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  1. Free Support
  2. Online tenant background screening
  3. Easy Reporting
  4. Automated Mailings
  5. Mobile Apps
  6. Maintain complete accounting records for each property
  7. Track tenants, association owners, charges and payments
  8. Give property owners and board members online access
  9. Receive maintenance requests and generate work orders
  10. Accept and issue electronic payments
  11. Give residents online account access
  12. Residence portal
  13. Property owner portal
  14. Give online access to your property management team
  15. Market and fill vacancies online
  16. Superior security
  17. Renters insurance

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Optional Features

Buildium also offers special pay-per-use features to compliment their feature-packed software.

  1. Online Payments (requires setup fee)
  2. Electronic 1099 filing
  3. Tenant screening (requires setup fee)
  4. Secure check printing
  5. Letter printing and mail service

What Does Buildium Cost?

First of all, for what you get, Buildium is dirt cheap. Buildium's pricing scheme is tiered on the number of units that you would like to manage and you can pay by the month or by one yearly price. You save a little with the yearly price so we just chose that option.

The prices are the same for either the Property Managers Edition, Landlord Edition or the Association Edition. Take a look at the Buildium price calculator page. There are no additional set up fees.

Units Support Price per month
0-60 Unlimited $60
61-70 Unlimited $70
71-80 Unlimited $80
81-90 Unlimited $90
91-100 Unlimited $100
101-110 Unlimited $110
111-120 Unlimited $120
101-130 Unlimited $130
131-140 Unlimited $140
141-150 Unlimited $150
151-160 Unlimited $160
161-170 Unlimited $170
171-180 Unlimited $180
181-190 Unlimited $190
191-200 Unlimited $200
201-300 Unlimited $250
301-400 Unlimited $300
401-500 Unlimited $350
501-600 Unlimited $400
601-700 Unlimited $450
701-800 Unlimited $500
801-900 Unlimited $550
901-1000 Unlimited $600
1001-1500 Unlimited $750
1501-2000 Unlimited $900
2001-2500 Unlimited $1050
2501-3000 Unlimited $1200
3001-3500 Unlimited $1350
3501-4000 Unlimited $1500
4001-4500 Unlimited $1650
3501-4000 Unlimited $1500
4001-4500 Unlimited $1800
5000+ Unlimited Contact Buildium

Our Impressions

We really liked Buildium. It is a slick online application that you can use anywhere there is an Internet connection. It has all the usual features that you would expect this type of software to offer but it takes it that one step further to really impress. Buildium offers several pay per use features that few other do. Services like online tenant screening, online payments, 1099 filing and even printing and mailing services make Buildium feel very professional.


As mentioned above, Buildium has a very professional look and feel. Great care has been taken to make this software look great. One great feature is the dashboard. As soon as you log in, you land on the dashboard where, besides being able to navigate anywhere in the application, you can see reminder notes that you have set; an overall count of units, leases, Applications and Balances; upcoming tasks and; recent activities. This is a very useful "bird's-eye" view of your holdings. One other great feature is that, because the Buildium interface is essentially a secure web page, you never have to update or upgrade software - it is all done automatically on Buildium's server-side.


We were hard pressed to find any negative things to say about Buildium but some may not like that this is an online service where all your data is held on Buildium's servers. Others may not like having to pay a monthly subscription for the rest of your time with Buildium. Having said this, there are arguments for having all of your data stored at a professionally maintained data center and the monthly expense will most likely be a tax write-off so these two cons balance themselves out.

Edit - As of January 2016, Buildium removed the two bottom pricing tiers so now the minimum fee is $60/month. This is starting to push this product out of the reach of many smaller private property managers.

Our Final Word

Buildium is a very professional tool. We have watched this product develop over the past few years and it just keeps getting better. Whit all the great features and professional support, we have no problem highly recommending this product for anyone who needs property management software.

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