LandlordMAX Online Property Management Software Review

What is LandlordMAX

LandlordMax Property Management software is tool used to over-see rental properties. This product has been around since 2003. It has found a solid customer base made up of property management companies, property managers, real estate investors, landlords and banks. The software is available in an online web-based version or a file download for Windows and Mac. LandlordMAX offers a 30-day free trial so that you can see what their product does before you buy. They also offer free support and upgrades for both their web and downloaded versions.

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Who Uses LandlordMax Management Software?

The LandlordMax website claims that their software is used by property management companies, property managers, real estate investors, landlords, banks, and more. This sounds about right. This software is suitable for anyone who is in charge of over seeing one or more rental properties.

What are LandlordMax 's Main Selling Features?

This product lets you manage buildings, units, tenants, landlords and contractors all in one application. LandlordMax is has been around for a long time and they have added many great features. I have listed just a few in the table below.

  1. One time purchase
  2. Free Support
  3. Free product upgrades
  4. Single or multi-unit capable
  5. Advanced reporting tools
  6. Integrated Accounting tools
  7. Keep all information organized in one application


LandlordMAX has twenty main categories. When you first open the application, it opens into the Accounting category or tab. Here is a quick overview of the tabs and what the operations that they perform.

  1. Accounting - track all money paid in or out - including late fees
  2. Checks - a simple central registry for all checks written
  3. Work orders - schedule and track work order progress and completion
  4. Tenants - Database of tenant details (includes invoices, leases, pictures, references, work orders, accounting, checks, contacts, documents, employers, events and more)
  5. Vendors - Database of vendor details (includes work orders, accounting, checks, documents, employers, tenants and more)
  6. Landlords - track landlords as individuals or companies
  7. Buildings - create building entries as single residence homes or multi-unit buildings
  8. Units - manage individual units (accounting, appliances, documents, pictures, work orders and vendors)
  9. Contacts - create and manage contact list, email directly from application
  10. Tasks - schedule, priorities and manage tasks
  11. Receipts - schedules and organizes your receipts in one place
  12. Invoices - schedules and organizes your invoices in one place
  13. Templates - add and manage letterhead or email templates
  14. Reports - over 100 advanced reports cover accounting, cash flow, checks, work orders, tenants, vendors, landlords, buildings, units,invoices, receipts and other
  15. Analysis - mortgage amortization tool
  16. Import/Export - database backup and maintenance tool
  17. Management - management company details
  18. Automations -
  19. create a complete package of documents, checks and more in one easy step
  20. Preferences - manage your software preferences here
  21. About - LandlordMAX software legal document

Optional Features

LandlordMAX does not offer any additional features or premium paid services. You pay one price and what you get is what you get.

What Does LandlordMax Cost?

The pricing for LandlordMax is a one time price. This means, once you have invested in your software, there will be no future costs.

Plan Users Units Support Price
Desktop 1 Unlimited Unlimited $199
Soho 2 Unlimited Unlimited $499
Pro 3 to 10 Unlimited Unlimited $999
Enterprise 11+ Unlimited Unlimited $2999

Start your LandlordMAX 30-day free trial today!

Our Impressions

Overall, the LandlordMAX property management software was a solid product. It lived up to its claim to be "the easiest property management software on the market today". It was very easy and intuitive to set up and use.

The sticker price feels a little hefty at first but when you consider all the different software packages that this is combining and replacing, and the fact that it is a one-time expense, the price seems fair.

We did find the interface to be a little spartan and lacking a certain level of visual appeal. I am not sure if I'd want to have to look at this program all day long.


We really liked how quick and easy it was to instal and set up up. Installation was fast and flawless. Within minutes we were up and entering information. The software is well laid out and we felt at home right away.


If you have never used this type of software before, you may not find it very intuitive. The manual is helpful but it would have been even better to have a wizard guide us through entering the basic information such as our management company details, the details for our first building, unit and tenant - just so we would learn the correct methods and know how to do it for the rest of our units.

Our Final Word

The LandlordMAX property management software has many useful features and was easy to install and use. For what it is, it works well. Our feeling is that it is missing some of the bells and whistles that their competitors offer. But, if you are looking for a reasonably priced, workhorse tool with no fluffy bits, then this product should be an excellent addition to your business.

Start your LandlordMAX 30-day free trial today!

LandlordMAX Online Property Management Software - Free Trial

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