LandlordMax Online Property Management Software Screenshots

These are some screen grabs of the LandlordMax software. All but the first are grabs from an older (yet similar) Mac desktop version.

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Screen shot of LandlordMax Main Dashboard

LandlordMax does not have a actual dashboard. When you open the application, you get right down to business. For the Windows desktop version that we auditioned, the first screen that you will see after logging-in is the Accounting screen. Below you will see a screen grab of the most recent Windows version.

Screen shot of LandlordMax Accounting Tab

The Accounting tab provides a standard general ledger and banking spreadsheet.

LandlordMax Windows desktop V.11.05A Accounting tab

LandlordMax Mac desktop version - Accounting tab

Screen shot of LandlordMax Rental Units Tab

The rental Units tab is where you go to manage or review your properties at the individual unit level. You can even view your listed properties, rental applicants, property owners and outstanding balances. This page tells you all about one particular rental unit and allows you to drill down all information related to this unit. The information includes the name of the tenant, building, unit description as well as classified ad text. There are also sub tabs that lead to accounting, appliances, pictures, work orders and vendors related to this unit.

LandlordMax Mac desktop version - Units tab

Screen shot of LandlordMax Reports Tab

The Report tab is a very powerful part of the LandlordMax software. From this tab you can select from dozens of predefined reports grouped in a variety of ways inlcuding by tenant, building, unit, vendor, check, accounting, cashflow, expenses, late accounts and so many more.

LandlordMax Mac desktop version - Reports tab

Screen shot of LandlordMax Buildings Tab

Manage all of your buildings in one convenient location.

LandlordMax Mac desktop version - Buildings tab

Screen shot of LandlordMax Tenants Tab

Managing all of your tenants can be onerous and time consuming. LandlordMax knows this and they have created tools to help you manage your all of your tenant details in one place.

LandlordMax Mac desktop version - Tenants tab

Screen shot of LandlordMax Vendors Area

Keep all of your vendor details in one place. LandlordMAX also cross references vendors with work orders, tenants, accounting and more.

LandlordMax Mac desktop version - Vendors tab

Screen shot of LandlordMax Work Orders Area

Save time and money. LandlordMax can also manage and track your work orders. This tab ties directly into the accounting spreadsheet.

LandlordMax Mac desktop version - Work Orders tab

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